French Limoges Frugier Aluminite porcelain serving bowl


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A stunning and rare vintage porcelain serving bowl made by the French Frugier factory, Limoges, in either the 1920s or 1930s.

'Aluminite' Frugier was one of the great French kitchen innovations of the Belle Époque. Its inventor, René Frugier was a ceramic engineer who trained at Sèvres, before setting up own pottery factory in 1895 in Limoges, the porcelain capital of France.

Around 1900, Frugier began to experiment by adding different amounts of kaolin to the pottery mix. That meant he could then fire the porcelain at very high temperatures. The result was 'aluminite', a porcelain that could be used with extreme heat.

This is a beautiful bowl with the maker's mark and ideal for holding hot food - imagine it heaped high with roast potatoes on the table!

It's in great vintage condition overall, with one small shallow chip on the rim as shown.

An exquisite piece of Frugier Aluminite in great condition, ready for use or display.

24cm dia, 11cm tall